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There have been 32 major and minor civilizations throughout history, and all of them have collapsed.

"The chief enigma of history is found in the question, 'Why do we keep collapsing the societies we construct?'"

lewis Mumford, historian


What is a society?

"A society is a system of relationships."

arnold j. Toynbee, historian


This is the cycle.


When people trust people, the society advances and amazing things happen.


eventually, the society's advances create disconnection, fear, and mistrust.


When people stop trusting each other, the society begins to collapse.

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This is the solution.

 "We connect people by what we share in common, and what we share in common is the capacity to love and care for each other. And that’s what builds relationships."

mack Mccarter, founder Community Renewal International


Identify caring people in the community (because there are more people who care than don't).


Connect those caring people to one another to build relationships, trust, and support.


Equip those people with the tools to develop healthy, caring relationships throughout the community.

To learn more, download the Community Renewal Recommended Reading List for free.

Mack McCarter started Community Renewal International in Shreveport, Louisiana, in 1994 with one dream: to restore communities by restoring relationships.

After 20 years...



People connected through the We Care. Team in Shreveport.



Average drop in major crime in Shreveport's friendship house neighborhoods.

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Communities outside of Shreveport implementing the Community Renewal model.

Community Renewal of Pottawatomie county was established in 2015.

Since then...


We Care. Team members connected across Shawnee and Pottawatomie County declaring they care.



Block Leaders connecting their neighbors together through trusted, caring relationships.


Friendship Houses in development to rebuild trust in and bring resources to underserved neighborhoods.


Meet the community Renewal Staff

 Brandon leads the vision for sustaining a caring culture in Pottawatomie County for years to come.

Brandon leads the vision for sustaining a caring culture in Pottawatomie County for years to come.

Brandon Dyer, Executive DirectoR

Travis and the Friendship House offers love and support to help people become the best versions of themselves.

Travis Flood, Friendship House Coordinator

Sherri welcomes visitors to our office, keeps our schedules straight and coordinates our Girls Clubs.

Sherri Thompson, Receptionist, Girls Club Coordinator

Maile makes sure Community Renewal's story is clearly communicated!

Maile Hopkins, Communications Coordinator

Zoe and the Block Leader Program create tools to help people love people.

Zoe Loeser, Block Leader Coordinator

Michael and the Friendship House in the Boy Scout Park Neighborhood provide hope, helping neighbors rebuild the caring infrastructure of the neighborhood.

Michael Phillips, Community Coordinator

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Phyllis Bolt, Interim CEo, Shawnee Chamber of Commerce

Community Renewal is a way to make a positive difference in your community one neighbor at a time. I have already seen positive changes in people’s lives by getting to know each other.  I know that I have been blessed by the love and care of my neighbors.  Also, the staff at Community Renewal have gone above and beyond to support Ed and me this last year when we lost his son.  We will never forget your kindness.

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Steve Reese, sold on shawnee, Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Benchmark Realty

Community Renewal shows us how to be more intentional with the people who live life around us. Learning and sharing with this growing tribe of volunteers makes me feel more invested in my neighborhood, and in turn, my whole community.

toni padgett volunteer shawnee.png

toni padgett, shawnee resident

In a world full of people always rushing around, on their phones, and not making time for the people around them, I hope that maybe we can bring back what once was, and remind each other to slow down, take time, love your nieghbor, and look out for one another. I want more for our children and our families. I believe in this organization and the plans it has for the future. I'm very honored to be apart of something so amazing.

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