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why we're here

Research shows that connected neighborhoods have long-term positive impact on issues like education and crime rates as well as physical health, and we want those outcomes for our county. 

why relationships?

intentional relationships aren't just nice to have -- they're the building blocks of society. Watch this quick video to get an idea of just why it's so important to restore relationships. 

Ready to do your part?



Identify caring people in the community -- because there are more people who care than don't.


The Knot Game.jpg

Connect those caring people to one another to build relationships, trust, and support.



Equip those people with the tools to develop healthy, caring relationships throughout the community. 

supporting neighbors in restoration


We are an independent replication of the pioneering work of Community Renewal International (CRI) in Shreveport, LA, where they have been restoring community in the Shreveport area for 25 years. The Avedis Foundation learned about the work of CRI and helped establish Community Renewal of Pottawatomie County in 2015 to replicate that work in our region.


Members of CRI and the Avedis Foundation stand alongside leaders of multiple Community Renewal Replications (including Pott County) on the steps of a Friendship House in Shreveport, LA.