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The We Care. Team is a network of people making caring visible in our community.

How it works

When you join the We Care. Team, there are three ways to show you're a caring person.

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We Care. Sign

A We Care. sign in front of your home or business lets your neighbors know you care.

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We Care. Shirt

Wear your shirt on We Care. Wednesdays to show our community just how many people care.

We Care. Sticker

Use the We Care. sticker to share the caring message wherever you go.

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What does caring look like in your daily life?

Download our "How to Build a Life of Caring" worksheet for free, and start building your life of caring today!

There’ve been people who have had an impact on my life... I want to give that back to somebody else. Community Renewal is giving me that opportunity.
— Gary Frazier, We Care. Team Member
I’m personally a part of it, because I think it’s working, and I want to be a part of the solution to my community.
— George Wright, We Care. Team Member