our staff

Professional carers and passionate neighbors working hard to help the residents of pottawatomie county restore their community.

staff members


Brandon Dyer

Executive Director

After 15 years in ministry, Brandon started Community Renewal to help renew his hometown’s commitment to caring for each other through intentional relationships. When not at work, Brandon spends time with his wife and 4 kids and loves camping, fly fishing, and riding bikes with friends.


Travis Flood

Director of Friendship Houses

Travis loves to fix things and loves people. He and his family live in the Craig Family Friendship House in the Kickapoo Park neighborhood. He came to this work after a career in student and family ministry. In his spare time, Travis builds beautiful things out of scrap wood. 


Michael Phillips

Director of Campus Programs

Michael has been described as "a chill dude who just loves people."  He and his family live in the Good Neighbor Friendship House neighborhood.

He invests in students & families to help build a safer and more connected Shawnee. In his spare time, he enjoys playing video games with his kids, playing guitar, and camping. 


Erica Bass

Communications &

Resource Development Officer

With a background in the education technology, Erica brings a creative, techie perspective to the communication & development work that keeps CRPC thriving. She delights in challenging the status quo on a never-ending journey to make culture optimal for human productivity + happiness. 


Zoe Loeser

Director of Neighboring

Zoe's on a mission to help Shawnee be the best place to raise a kid in the US by 2068. With a background in training development and business management, Zoe works with neighborhood volunteers called block leaders to build a network of caring that, one day, will touch every home in Shawnee and Pottawatomie County. 


Rachel Monday

Associate Community Coordinator

Rachel loves people and making meaningful connections. Armed with a background in cross-cultural relations & a dedication to empowering under-served women, she works alongside Travis in Kickapoo Park and believes that the work she facilitates in neighborhoods will forge positive long-term change. 


Mandi Wells

Community Coordinator

Mandi has been working with children & families for over 15 years, & enhancing the culture of caring in Boy Scout Park Neighborhood is her passion. Whether it’s leading clubs at Horace Mann & Pleasant Grove or Locker Leaders at Shawnee Middle & High School, she believes every student is ONE caring adult away from being a success story.


Sherri Thompson

Office Manager &  Club Admin

After serving her community as a Fine Arts educator for 33 years, Sherri joined Community Renewal because she believes in the power of relationships.  She's the face and voice of our office, in addition to leading the CRPC youth development programs  at Jefferson Elementary.