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      Healthy community means safer neighborhoods & better opportunities for all. Give today to support restored community in Pott County! Neighbor to Neighbor Network A grassroots, community-wide initiative to combat the through meaningful neighborhood connections. loneliness epidemic about the network We Care. Campus Raising up the next generation of good neighbors through character development programs based in local schools. about we care. campus Friendship Houses Homes staffed with full-time community coordinators to support neighbors in restoring their community from the inside out. about friendship houses where your gift goes

    • Nonprofit | Community Renewal of Pottawatomie County | United States

      need help connecting during covid-19? resources OUR NEW PLACE I'm a paragraph. Click here to add your own text and edit me. Let your users get to know you. who we are Community Renewal of Pottawatomie County is a non-profit organization based in Shawnee, OK dedicated to helping neighbors restore their communities through intentional relationships. ​ We are an independent replication of the pioneering work of in Shreveport, LA. Community Renewal International what we do We help Pottawatomie County combat the by fostering connection at the neighborhood level, loneliness epidemic through a network of neighbors as well as school campus programs. program info why we're here Research shows that building healthy, connected neighborhoods has long-term positive impact on issues like education and crime rates , and we want those outcomes for our county. as well as physical health why relationships get involved Community Renewal isn’t an office or a staff. It’s a movement of neighbors making change! Join your community in volunteering through the Neighbor to Neighbor Network. I want to volunteer > what's new in the neighborhood Play Video Play Video 07:06:06 Worth It. LIVE! Play Video Play Video 00:24 Worth It. 2020 Teaser! Real Women Sharing Real Life Worth It. is a project of Community Renewal to empower young women to see their own true identity and worth while building confidence to support their fellow female. In response to COVID-19, the 2020 Worth It. Conference will take place through a one-of-a-kind "pocket" model bringing women & girls together in micro-groups across the county to enjoy video series of real conversations with real women from our community on real life issues! Registration for this event is closed, but we can't wait to "see" everyone on September 26th for this unique 1 day event! Play Video Play Video 01:20 Jefferson Wisdom Video Mrs. T and Winky tell us about the We Care. Word of the week! Play Video Play Video 04:06 Campus Culture Introduction Community Renewal's introduction to our We Care. Words of the week for Shawnee Public Schools. Play Video Play Video 01:00 An update on the Good Neighbor Friendship House: Coming Soon! Under construction in partnership with the Absentee Shawnee Housing Authority, the newest Friendship House located at the corner of Bryan & Main is wrapping up construction; Brandon & Michael tell us more! #friendshiphouse #communityrenewal Play Video Play Video 00:46 Why vote yes? - a short message from Travis Flood Travis tells us about what he sees in the schools where he serves each week, and why you should vote YES on August 25th for needed maintenance and improvements to Shawnee Public Schools. #yesforthepack #everywolfeveryday #shawneestrong #yourvotecounts Play Video Play Video 01:05 A message from Executive Director Brandon Dyer -- Vote Yes on the Student Investment Plan "Census data says that 78% of the kids that graduate from our area stay in our area. So if we want to invest in the future of Shawnee -- if we want Shawnee to be the most amazing place to raise a family and to live, we need to invest in our kiddos..." #yesforthepack #everywolfeveryday #communityrenewal Play Video Play Video 00:36 Why are you voting YES! on August 25th, Michael? Community Coordinator Michael Phillips, who works in and through area schools with elementary school students every day, tells us why he is voting YES! for the Pack on August 25th, and hopes you will too. #yesforthepack #communityrenewal #everywolfeveryday

    • Annual Neighborhood Survey | Community Renewal

      tell us about your neighborhood! Your answers help Community Renewal help you create a safe, trustworthy, and supportive neighborhood: a neighborhood where you belong. ​ take the survey about the survey Community Renewal of Pottawatomie County is a non-profit organization based in Shawnee, OK dedicated to helping neighbors restore their communities through intentional relationships. ​ Each October, we seek responses to the Annual Neighborhood survey, which helps measure the impact of our services & tell us how to better serve each area of our county. participation & prizes This survey takes about 8 minutes. At the end, you'll have the option to give Community Renewal your contact information for a chance to win a $100 gift card, which will be drawn for the evening of October 27th. ​ All Pott County participants are eligible for 4 of the gift cards.There will be 3 additional drawings: 1 for McLoud participants, 1 for Tecumseh participants, and 1 rural Pott County participants. ​ *Participants must be over 18 and residents of Pottawatomie County. Community Renewal board members, staff, and families of staff are not eligible to win. take the survey

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