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  • Nonprofit | Community Renewal of Pottawatomie County | United States

    GIVE HERE >> We use evidence-based practices to help communities renew trust through socially and emotionally healthy relationships, revealing pathways for equitable success. Our site is currently under construction. Click the button to join our network of caring people across the community. JOIN THE NETWORK CLICK TO LEARN ABOUT OUR PROGRAMS FRIENDSHIP HOUSE NEIGHBOR TO NEIGHBOR NETWOK WE CARE. CAMPUS CLICK TO LEARN ABOUT OUR EVIDENCE CASEL SCIENCE OF HOPE TBRI SHOP THE STORE GET YOUR WE CARE. SWAG GIVE HERE >>

  • Block Leaders | Community Renewal

    become a block leader Block Leaders are trained volunteers who work in their own neighborhoods to restore community through intentional relationships. Sign Up Now Zoe Loeser Jan 19 1 min Easy Customizable Block Party Invitations! Perhaps the most important step in any block party is the part where you invite. Of course, you can always handwrite / draw these... 17 views

  • Nonprofit | Community Renewal of Pottawatomie County | United States

    Get WE Care. Wednesday deals wear the shirt, get the perk who we are Community Renewal of Pottawatomie County is a non-profit organization based in Shawnee, OK dedicated to helping neighbors restore their communities through intentional relationships. ​ We are an independent replication of the pioneering work of Community Renewal International in Shreveport, LA. what we do We help Pottawatomie County combat the loneliness epidemic by fostering connection at the neighborhood level, through a network of neighbors as well as school campus programs. program info why we're here Research shows that building healthy, connected neighborhoods has long-term positive impact on issues like education and crime rates as well as physical health , and we want those outcomes for our county. why relationships get involved Community Renewal isn’t an office or a staff. It’s a movement of neighbors making change! Join your community in volunteering through the Neighbor to Neighbor Network. I want to volunteer > what's new in the neighborhood Steve Reese block leader & local realtor Learning & sharing with this growing [hub] of volunteers makes me feel more invested in my neighborhood, and in turn, my whole community. Dr. April Grace superintendent, shawnee public schools [This work] is transforming the culture. The impact is a lasting one that will live beyond the time that our students walk our hallways or attend our classes. George Wright we care. team & board member I'm personally a part of it because I think it's working, and I want to be a part of the solutions to my community. what neighbors are saying about community renewal Connection is hard, but you're not alone Knowing your neighbors decreases major crime and increases feelings of safety and hope, but getting to know them isn't always easy! C heck out these resources to help you make the meaningful neighborhood connections. get neighboring resources > contact us (405) 273-1035 ​ Office open: Mon - Thurs 9 am - 5 pm find us 1000 N. Kickapoo Shawnee, OK 74801

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  • Free Diapers, Formula, and Empowerment Available for Parents in Pott County

    This blog is the second in a series by & about Community Renewal's community partners, showcasing the incredible opportunities & resources available in Pottawatomie County. Today is National Baby Day, so on theme our guest writer is Lacey Holt, Executive Director at Legacy Parenting Center; welcome! --- New baby, tired mama. Same thing, different day. Cry. Poop. Eat. Little sleep. Repeat. Caring for a baby can leave you exhausted to say the least. You can get so lost in the day-to-day duties of infant care that you may lose sight of the miracle that’s unfolding before you. The Importance of the Early Years Every single interaction with your baby is building a foundation for her brain development. When baby cries and you respond to her needs, she learns that crying equals Mama equals comfort. Your response helps build her brain connections and emotional response. Picking baby up when she cries isn’t going to spoil her, you are helping her form the foundation for healthy emotions and relationships. Think about how much a child learns in the first few years of life. Holding her head up, rolling over, cooing, sitting up, crawling, walking (and that’s usually year one!) Toddler and preschool years are filled with learning to regulate emotions, language development, big motor skills like running and climbing, and social skills like playing and sharing with other children. The early years are the most formative years in a child’s life. The early years set the stage for all future learning, relationships, and emotional health. This is the exact reason Legacy Parenting Center works with families from pregnancy to age five. At the base of all learning is the child’s connection to you, the parent. Legacy strives to build stronger, healthier families through education, resources, and mentoring. Free Diapers & Encouraging Parenting Classes Our Earn While You Learn Parent Education Program gives parents the opportunity to learn about your baby’s development, healthy attachment, and skills to build a strong relationship so your child can thrive – not just in childhood, but into adulthood. We believe that relationships drive change. Legacy client families are paired with a volunteer mentor during each appointment in order to build consistent relationships. If you grew up in an unstable environment, having someone consistent in your life that knows your name, cares about your baby, and knows your story is a big deal. Connect with Legacy Parenting Center Client appointments are twice a month and each one earns you points to use to shop in The Legacy Store for items needed for your baby or toddler. Things like clothing, baby equipment (car seats, cribs, etc), and toys, are available in the store. Diapers, wipes, and/or formula are included with each appointment, no points required. In 2020, we partnered with more than 450 families and distributed more than 161,000 diapers to babies. Our hope is to empower parents and impact generations. We would love to meet you and your little one and work together to help build the foundation for their future. Current operating hours are Monday – Thursday 9am-4pm. Give us a call at 405-432-2844! Congratulations on your bundle of joy and remember, this is a short season of cry, poop, and eat. But it’s also a sweet season of relationship building and lots of snuggles! You can learn more about the incredible work of Legacy Parenting Center by visiting their website at

  • Shawnee's YMCA: For A Better Us

    This blog is the first in a series by & about Community Renewal's community partners, showcasing the incredible opportunities & resources available in Pottawatomie County. Welcome to our blog, YMCA! --- We believe that in a diverse world, we are stronger when we are inclusive and our doors are open to all regardless of race, gender, or income level. It is therefore critical to both our mission and our business that our YMCA develop and integrate strategies to effectively engage, advocate for and serve all. This commitment to access, inclusion and engagement helps to ensure our continued relevancy, viability and impact as a cause-driven organization focused on strengthening our community. Childcare & other important community services Through the past year our world has been turned upside-down. In our country we have witnessed political disagreements, severe division, violence, and pandemic. When our community came to a halt the Shawnee YMCA offered free emergency childcare to front line workers to ease the burden of childcare. At the Shawnee YMCA we believe 2021 will be just as important for us to be here for our community. As our community continues to fully come back, the Shawnee YMCA is dedicated to assisting people with their health & wellness, childcare, recreational activities, and other social issues that may arise. Join the Shawnee YMCA It is easy to be part of the Shawnee YMCA. The Shawnee YMCA has volunteer opportunities for those looking to mentor kids as a youth sports coach or help seniors prepare for group exercise classes (that may also be a little social time). We also make it easy to be a user of the facilities with childcare, household options, and financial assistance if one is unable to pay for membership or programs like childcare and youth sports. The Shawnee YMCA is a local business that is governed by a group of community volunteers that hire local staff to preform daily functions. Our volunteers and staff love our community and the residents that reside within our community. The Shawnee YMCA started in our community in 1903 and we love having the opportunity to continue our legacy for many years to come.

  • How to Throw a Block Party Step-by-Step

    Whether it's your first or thirtieth, throwing a block party can feel overwhelming. This post will help you throw a block party step-by-step. STEP 1: FIND A PARTNER Find someone who will support you as you party whether it’s a roommate, neighbor, or fellow block leader. (And of course, I’m a party support option. Woot!) STEP 2: PUT A DATE ON THE CALENDAR Pick a date with your someone, and put the date on the calendar. Like, pen to paper or thumb to screen, put it on the literal calendar. Things are 300% more likely to happen if you put them on the calendar. (Which is the same as 3x, but 3 is way less impressive than 300.) STEP 3: PICK YOUR ACTIVITY When you consider your activity, think about what you own or have access to. Do you have a projector for a movie night? Does a neighbor have a fire pit? Can you borrow your sister’s cornhole set? This is your opportunity to get creative. If you're a Block Leader, Community Renewal has a lot of stuff to help make your party great that you can use for free! That includes: A six burner grill and accessories A bounce-house from Extreme Inflatables Street closures from the City of Shawnee Party In a Box sets If you want any of those things for your party, you have to make your request at least two weeks before your party by using the Block Party Planner on the Block Leader tools page. STEP 4: CREATE INVITATIONS From writing them by hand to designing them on, create your invitations however your creative heart desires. I suggest you include: What - Come Eat Ice Cream Who - With Your Neighbors When - June 27th, 1:00-3:00 p.m. Where - 5555 N. Your Street You can include a final note at the bottom like, “See you there!” or “Bring a lawn chair!” You can make fancy invitations when you open a free account at You can draw them by hand. However you want to make your invitations is good with us! Want something easier? I've created done-for-you invitation templates! Plug your information in and you're ready to print with a professional looking invite. STEP 5: PASS OUT INVITATIONS Put a date on the calendar to pass out invitations to your block with your someone. Grab your invites and your tape (nothing that will leave marks on the door, of course). Knock or ring the doorbell once. If your neighbor doesn't answer, tape the invitation to their door and move along. (Don't put it in their mailbox. It's illegal.) If your neighbor is home, introduce yourself and let them know about the party. Feel free to chat it up. For most people, walking around invitations is really uncomfortable. It’s okay. You’re not alone. You have my permission to make it as simple as it needs to be. Don't feel obligated to chat for hours. You don't have to make cookies. You don't have to wait for five minutes for them to come to the door. You showing up is enough. You are enough. STEP 6: PREP FOR THE EVENT Prep depends on your activity. Gather the things you need and have an idea of who’s doing what during the event. It’s okay if you want to provide more than what you put on the invite (like providing food if you just said yard games), but don’t feel pressured to. You can keep it simple. You’re doing a huge thing by making space for relationships, and you’re doing an awesome job at it. STEP 7: RELAX. HAVE FUN. You’ve done a great job. Now, have fun at your event in whatever way that looks like for you. If it’s serving up hot dogs, do it. If it’s leaving the dogs to someone else and mingling, do it. You can trust the work you’ve put into this, and you can trust that things are going to unfold just right. Let the event run its course. Another word on the actual event: people may not come. If they don't come, that's okay, too. It doesn't mean you did anything wrong. You did exactly the right thing by making space for your neighbors. You are enough. Playing the long game just means that, sometimes, the results are further away than we'd like. Keep going. Keep being visible, interacting, and gathering. Good things are ahead. Don't give up!

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