Free Diapers, Formula, and Empowerment Available for Parents in Pott County

This blog is the second in a series by & about Community Renewal's community partners, showcasing the incredible opportunities & resources available in Pottawatomie County. Today is National Baby Day, so on theme our guest writer is Lacey Holt, Executive Director at Legacy Parenting Center; welcome! ---

New baby, tired mama. Same thing, different day.

Cry. Poop. Eat. Little sleep. Repeat.

Caring for a baby can leave you exhausted to say the least. You can get so lost in the day-to-day duties of infant care that you may lose sight of the miracle that’s unfolding before you.

The Importance of the Early Years

Every single interaction with your baby is building a foundation for her brain development. When baby cries and you respond to her needs, she learns that crying equals Mama equals comfort. Your response helps build her brain connections and emotional response. Picking baby up when she cries isn’t going to spoil her, you are helping her form the foundation for healthy emotions and relationships.

Think about how much a child learns in the first few years of life. Holding her head up, rolling over, cooing, sitting up, crawling, walking (and that’s usually year one!)

Toddler and preschool years are filled with learning to regulate emotions, language development, big motor skills like running and climbing, and social skills like playing and sharing with other children. The early years are the most formative years in a child’s life. The early years set the stage for all future learning, relationships, and emotional health.

This is the exact reason Legacy Parenting Center works with families from pregnancy to age five. At the base of all learning is the child’s connection to you, the parent. Legacy strives to build stronger, healthier families through education, resources, and mentoring.

Free Diapers & Encouraging Parenting Classes

Our Earn While You Learn Parent Education Program gives parents the opportunity to learn about your baby’s development, healthy attachment, and skills to build a strong relationship so your child can thrive – not just in childhood, but into adulthood.

We believe that relationships drive change. Legacy client families are paired with a volunteer mentor during each appointment in order to build consistent relationships. If you grew up in an unstable environment, having someone consistent in your life that knows your name, cares about your baby, and knows your story is a big deal.

Connect with Legacy Parenting Center

Client appointments are twice a month and each one earns you points to use to shop in The Legacy Store for items needed for your baby or toddler. Things like clothing, baby equipment (car seats, cribs, etc), and toys, are available in the store.

Diapers, wipes, and/or formula are included with each appointment, no points required. In 2020, we partnered with more than 450 families and distributed more than 161,000 diapers to babies.

Our hope is to empower parents and impact generations.

We would love to meet you and your little one and work together to help build the foundation for their future. Current operating hours are Monday – Thursday 9am-4pm. Give us a call at 405-432-2844!

Congratulations on your bundle of joy and remember, this is a short season of cry, poop, and eat. But it’s also a sweet season of relationship building and lots of snuggles!

You can learn more about the incredible work of Legacy Parenting Center by visiting their website at