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Community Renewal believes that every person ought to live in a neighborhood where they feel safe, valued, and connected.

Friendship houses make that dream a reality.

How it works

Locate the Neighborhood

Community Renewal identifies underserved neighborhoods in Shawnee and Pottawatomie County to build a Friendship House.

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Live in the Neighborhood

A staff member moves into the Friendship House with his or her family seeking to build relationships with neighbors.

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Engage the Neighborhood

The Friendship House is equipped with a community room to host after-school programs, adult education classes, and skill-building workshops, and more.

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The Results?

In Shreveport, Louisiana's 5 Friendship House Neighborhoods...

  • 52% average decrease in Major crime, 

  • 100+ Students ages 17-77 achieved high school equivalency,

  • 3500+ children and teens cared for in friendship house programs. 

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Curious about the Friendship House? Download an interview with Friendship House Coordinator, Travis Flood!

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Patricia montejano, Kickapoo Park Resident

There is a real sense of community in everything Community Renewal touches. I see it everywhere I go; their character, smiles, love and above all else care for people. 

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David Henry, Pastor, Calvary Baptist

I'm glad that the Friendship House is coming to the neighborhood, that there's going to be a safe place for our kids and young people to go, get help, get mentoring, and build friendships. I've lived in the neighborhood for 10 years, and this is one of the best things that's happened in our community in a long time.